If “Men’s Workouts” Were Marketed To Women #shorts #fitness #workouts

Fitness Workout for Women
If “Men’s Workouts” Were Marketed To Women ????

Have you ever scrolled YouTube or social and noticed the difference between how the workouts “designed for” women versus men are titled?!

????????These are some of our favorites…only ~slightly~ exaggerated from real titles we’ve seen ????
1️⃣GET YOKED: Giant Traps In 3 Days!!
2️⃣MONSTER BICEPS: Get Hulk-Approved Arms!!
3️⃣INSANE AB SHREDDER: 6-Pack Abs in 6 Minutes!!

And the funny thing is…a lot of these workouts include the same exercises as similar “workouts for women”. The main difference I’ve found is that the ones “for women” claim to “shrink” an area…whereas the ones for men claim to “grow” it. It’s all about marketing ????????

❤️Total transparency – we will occasionally title workouts “X Best Exercises For Women” for SEO purposes (and because historically women have been scared away from strength training and we want to encourage them to pick up weights!) BUT the exercises in those posts are truly great for EVERYONE.

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