Lose Belly Fat Workout – 8 Minute Workout | 8 Exercises to Lose Belly Fat | Do this for 7 Days

Quick Fitness Workout
Join me for this 8 min Lose Belly Fat Workout and let’s reduce stubborn belly fat. This workout targets the waist and abs using cardio & toning exercises. In 7 days you will be reducing visceral belly fat.
You can download the free training guide here https://www.lwrfitness.com/latest-challenge/

This gives you advice on healthy eating and ideas on healthy eating which will lead to fat loss, including belly fat loss! Do this 8 min ab home workout and see your body transform. You do this workout for 7 days.
Then move on to the second Belly fat Workout from the series. This you can find in your Free 4 Week Lose belly Fat Plan

As your qualified trainer, this workout will target the entire core from a standing position leading to stronger muscles and a tighter waistline. Make sure you keep your abs contracted (pulled in) throughout this entire workout and focus on feeling every exercise in the core!

00:01 Introduction How to Lose Visceral Belly Fat
00:26 Quick Warm Up
00:53 Round 1 Lose Belly Fat
01:08 Standing Cardio Ab Shaper
01:42 4 Ab Kicks and 4 Cardio Punches
02:13 Waist Swing Hits Left Side
02:51 Waist Swing Hits Right Side
03:13 Waist Toning Bends
03:37 Cardio Belly Fat Knee Crunches
04:14 Controlled Core Rotations
04:42 Cardio Ab V Jumps and Arm Raises
05:09 Round 2 Lose Belly Fat
05:12 Standing Cardio Ab Shaper
05:43 4 Ab Kicks and 4 Cardio Punches
06:14 Waist Swing Hits Left Side
06:44 Waist Swing Hits Right Side
07:14 Cardio Belly Fat Knee Crunches
07:46 Controlled Core Rotations
08:12 Cardio Ab V Jumps and Arm Raises
08:45 4 Ab Kicks and 4 Cardio Punches
09:18 High Five

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???? 8 Min STANDING ABS CARDIO, Small Waist & Flat Belly ???? Lose Belly Fat ????

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