Quick & Effective PULL WORKOUT! (Home Gym)

Quick Fitness Workout
Alright here is a quick but super effective pull day that you can do with only a barbell, bench, dumbbells, and cable machine. Starting off with some barbell rows, getting a nice big stretch by touching the plates to the floor, then retracting your scapula and tapping your stomach with the bar. Then onto more of a lat biased row, using a pair of d handles wrapped around an ez bar. Tilt forward and slightly flex your spine, then row straight back towards your hips keeping your elbows tucked in without letting them travel past your torso. Finally, to finish off the lats, is the classic iliac lat pulldown, keeping a neutral spine, dropping your shoulder and driving your elbow down. Then for the biceps, we’re just gonna do some e-z bar curls because I didn’t have heavy enough dumbbells to do regular curls, and then over to some incline dumbbell curls, with slight external rotation for a little bit more of the long head. And that is it for the workout, honestly was super fun and I got a really nice pump, feel free to try it out, let me know how it goes, and I hope everyone has an awesome holiday season! ??

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