How To Exercise & Diet For Your Body Type – Men & Women!

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For Both Men and Women, Where we store Fat on our Bodies reveals a lot about our Hormonal Profile. “Fat Distribution” (where you store most of your Fat) and “Fat Mass” (your overall Body Fat) are Two distinct Bodily Measurement Characteristics. You can see a doctor for Hormonal correction if you produce too much or too little of a particular Hormone and are storing fat in an unflattering place or body part. But a Hormonal correction, or supplement will just shift Body Fat Mass around your Body but your Body will not lose any “Body Fat Mass”. In this Video, I will show you how you can Lose Body Fat Mass through Exercise and Diet geared to your Particular Body Type and I will also help you to Identify your Body Type from the following Types: BODY TYPE 1- Stress Type/High Cortisol (Chubby Face, Belly Fat, Back Fat). BODY TYPE 2 – Estrogen Type (Fat around Hips, Butt and Thighs). BODY TYPE 3- Sugar Type/Insulin (Fat around Love Handles & Mid-Section). BODY TYPE 4 – T-Type/Testosterone (Fat and Loose Skin Under Arms, No Muscle Tone, “Bat Wings”). Get Ready to Change you Body Fat Mass and your unhealthy life style for ever!! #bodytypes #bodyfat #estrogen #insulin #bodytype #exerciseforyourbodytype #exerciseforhealth #diabetes #bellyfat

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