Nike’s New Hands-Free Sneakers Are Adaptive, Flexible, and Straight-Up Cool


There is truly no feeling like kicking off your shoes at the end of a long day, right? Well, Nike’s latest sneaker release has made it so easy to actually kick off your sneakers and look seriously cool doing it. Meet the Nike Go FlyEase kicks — the brand’s first-ever hands-free shoe that allows you to put your shoes on and take them off without ever having to bend down. It’s a crazy concept that after all those years of our parents reprimanding us for stepping on the backs of our shoes to take them off, the FlyEase sneakers were designed to be taken off that way. Nike Go FlyEase kicks will be available on Feb. 15 to select Nike members across the globe for $120 and available more widely later in the year.

So, here’s how they work: Nike Go FlyEase’s patent-pending design was created with a “bi-stable hinge” that allows the shoes to stay open when they’re not being worn and remain closed when they’re on your feet. They’re made with a “tensioner” band for the kicks to snap into place and secure your feet. And little kickstand on the heel was necessary to ease with taking them off. The shoes have redefined what it means to be “on the go.”

The FlyEase technology was unveiled in 2015 and made adaptable shoes available for every type of Nike athlete. It was created to be inclusive of people of all abilities and those who have trouble getting in and out of shoes by replacing traditional laces with zippers and cable functions. Over the years, Nike has created basketball, running, and lifestyle shoes with the FlyEase technology and have been made to fit a variety of foot shapes, including if the athlete wears braces. Now, the smart designs have been enhanced even more for a shoe that is hands-free and adaptable for all. Check out photos of the Nike Go FlyEase hands-free sneakers ahead.

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