Just Signed Onto Noom? Here’s a List of Green Foods That Will Help You Reach Your Goals


What are your goals for 2021? Whether you want to run a 5K, feel more confident in your body, lose weight, or start eating healthier, Noom can help! Unlike other diet plans, Noom uses a psychology-based evaluation to help you understand your habits, determine your ultimate goals, and come up with a plan to reach them.

When you sign up for Noom and download the app, you’ll get a customized course rooted in science, a goal specialist and coach to encourage you along the way, and a place to log the foods you’re eating and receive real-time feedback. That last feature is the one you’ll use most often if your goal is to lose a few pounds or improve your eating habits. Each food or drink you log is analyzed and funneled into one of three categories: green foods, yellow foods, and red foods.

Red foods range from things like peanut butter to red meat, and because they’re so calorie-dense, you’ll need to eat them in moderation. Yellow foods like lean meats and starches should make up a moderate portion of your diet. Green foods, which are the least calorie-dense and contain the highest concentration of nutrients, should make up the majority of your daily food choices. Made it that far and feeling a little stuck? Here’s a handy list of green foods to get you started.

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