Metabolism Booster Workout with Dumbbells for Women Over 40

Fitness Workout for Women
A metabolism booster workout for women over 40… because when you’re a woman over 40 you need all the metabolism boosters that you can get!

And one of the best ways is to build some muscle to boost your metabolism, and this total-body workout with dumbbells will do just that!

George also blesses us with his presence… and by sleeping through the whole workout ????

You, however, will not have that luxury.

The workout includes circuit-style strength work, to increase your muscle tone so we can work on improving your metabolism, with little rest so we get a good calorie burn while we’re at it too.

I also play around with the tempo (speed of the exercise) to change up the intensity for us, we will also do a lot of unilateral training and balance work so we can hit the core, and I added a fun little dumbbell ab routine about 75% of the way in.

Although I was trying to get this workout under 45 minutes, I believe that it’s those extra 9 minutes that make this one so effective ????

But, you can let me know.

Tools: 2 different sizes of moderate dumbbells, advanced people also grab (1) heavy dumbbell

1. Chest press (done 3 different ways)
2. Sumo deadlift
3 x 40sec

3. Double arm bent over row (or TRX: pull ups)
4. Step out side lunge
5. Other leg
6. Squat & press
1 x 40sec

Unilateral Work:
7. 1 arm bent over row
8. Step out side lunge
9. 1 arm squat to press
x 10 — then do other side

10. High plank with sway 40 sec

Tempo Change – Unilateral Work:
11. 1 arm row – slow lift up
12. Step out side lunge – slow lower
13. Slow squat down to press
x 10 — then do other side

14. Forearm plank see saws 40 sec

15. 1 arm row – pause 3 count at top
16. Step out side lunge – pause balance 3 ct
17. Squat and slow press up
x 10 — do other side

Ab Work:
18. DB up marching knees
19. Kneeling figure 8’s
20. Iso hold lunge with Palloff press
21. Plank DB pull thrust
2 x 30sec

Do exercises 1-6 one more time – 40 sec ????



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