Full Week Gym Workout Plan For Beginners | Week Schedule For Gym Workout | Trinity Awadh Fitness

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Full Week Gym Workout Plan For Beginners | Week Schedule For Gym Workout | Trinity Awadh Fitness

Hello Guys Welcome Back To Our fitness Channel TRINITY AWADH FITNESS ( TAF ) And MySelf Amit Singh Chauhan..


This video explains the full week workout plan for beginners and the right way to exercise which will give you good information, we have written down the full week workout schedule below.

Before doing any workout, you must warm-up in 10 minutes.

???? Do not do all these workouts more than 3 sets and keep the reps from 12 to 15 and it is better to take the advice of the coach,

So start workouts from today????

MONDAY ( सोमवार ) CHEST

1- Flat Bench Press
2- Incline Bench Press
3- Incline DB. Press
4- Machine Fly
5- Push-ups

TUESDAY ( मंगलवार ) BICEPS

1- Barbell Curl
2- Both Arm DB. Curl
3- Hammer DB. Curl
4- Preacher Barbell Curl
5- Cable Curl


1- Front DB. Press
2- Front DB. Raise
3- Side DB. Lateral Raises
4- Up-Right Row With Blank Barbell
5- DB. Shrug

THURSDAY ( बृहस्पतिवार ) LEGS

1- Free Squats
2- Walking Lunges
3- Leg Extension
4- Leg Curl
5 – Standing Calf

FRIDAY ( शुक्रवार ) TRICEPS

1- Cable Press Dawn
2- Both Arm DB. Extension
3- Bench Dips
4- DB. Kick Back
5- Diamond Push-up

SATURDAY ( शनिवार ) Back/Lower back

1- Lat Pull Down
2- Seated Row
3- One Arm DB. Row
4- Pull Over DB.
5 – Hyperextension

Do these exercises for 6 weeks so that it is easy to understand the correct way of your grip and workouts, tell us how you liked the video, comment it and for daily fitness tips you can also follow us on our social sites. Whose links we have added ????

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