17 SLEDGEHAMMER Exercises | Full Body Sledge Hammer Workout

Fitness Workout for Women
17 SLEDGEHAMMER Exercises | Full Body Sledge Hammer Workout

1. Sledgehammer Slam (0:33)
2. Sledgehammer Figure 8 (0:48)
3. Low Twist Hits (1:04)
4. Ditch Diggers (1:17)
5. Halos (1:40)
6. Pendulum Swings (2:00)
7. Front Squats (2:13)
8. Wood Choppers (2:34)
9. Lunge With Twist(2:56)
10. Overhead Lunge (3:15)
11. Squat Swings (3:31)
12. Kayakers (3:45)
13.Unilaterally Loaded Side Lunge (3:57)
14. Unbalanced Plank (4:16)
15. Uneven Push Up (4:26)
16. Sled(ge) Push (4:43)
17. Crawl with Pull Through (4:53)

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