The Best Strength Training Workout for Weight Loss – Men Over 40

Fitness Workout for Men
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If your goal is to lose fat, lose weight, and lean up your body, strength training is actually the foundation of your exercise plan. It’s more time-efficient than doing hours of cardio and a much more effective way to boost your metabolism for the entire day.

As you’ll discover in this video, there’s a specific type of strength training called Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) that will give you the best results. It combines the best strength training exercises into a quick circuit and takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes to do.

Overview of Metabolic Resistance Training (0:45)

Here’s the breakdown of each exercise in our favorite strength training for weight loss routine (In-depth form tutorials linked on the right):

#1 Dumbbell Squats (1:04)
#2 Dumbbell Rows (1:33)
#3 Dumbbell Bench Press (2:14)
#4 Dumbbell Deadlift (3:00)
#5 Dumbbell Shoulder Press (3:26)

We like using dumbbells for all the exercises because they’re quick, but you may need to have a couple different weights handy before you start the circuit. Because the workout won’t be nearly as effective if you’re pausing in between sets to find the right weights. But you may want a heavier weight for something like squats than you would use for the rows.

How many circuits should you do in one full workout? (3:58)

We recommend doing 3-5 cycles of this circuit per workout, 2-3 times per week. And remember, it’s not about trying to pick the heaviest weight because we want to go long enough to see the best cardio effects as well. So choose weights that you can do at least 3 circuits with and build from there.

Designing your own strength training routine (4:39)

It’s worth noting that each sequential exercise in the proper MRT routine targets a different area of the body than the one before it. So if you want to design your own routine, make sure you’re not stacking things like squats & deadlifts together or a bench press before a shoulder press.

Overall Summary of Metabolic Resistance Training (5:36)

As mentioned before, the big benefit of this routine for weight loss is that it combines the best cardio with the best strength training. This is much more effective than cardio alone because our muscles are our metabolic engine. For up to 24 hours after these workouts, our body ramps up our metabolism to quickly provide the necessary nutrients for them to repair and grow.

So if you haven’t tried these workouts before and you’re looking to accelerate your weight loss results, I highly encourage you to watch through this video and give one of these a try this week. They’re quick, you don’t need a gym, and you can do them right at home with a pair of dumbbells.

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