I Traded Runs For Ergatta Rower Workouts, and After 2 Weeks, My Abs Are Already Stronger


I had never rowed a stroke in my life before joining CrossFit over four years ago, and it soon became my favorite cardio machine because it offers a full-body workout. After my gym shut down in March due to the pandemic, I got back into running outside, but I really missed rowing. So when Ergatta offered to send me one of its rowing machines to try, I was ecstatic!

What Is an Ergatta Rower?

Ergatta is a water rower, which means it uses actual water rather than a wheel to create smooth resistance. Not only does it feel like you’re actually rowing in water, but it sounds like it, too. The first time I used the Ergatta, I just rowed without music or a podcast because the sound of the whooshing water was so calming.

The Ergatta Rower comes with a screen that displays a variety of workouts to choose from, your pace, and your workout history. Keep reading to learn more about these features and to find out what makes the Ergatta such an incredible cardio machine.

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