My FULL Jawline & Facial Workout Plan Routine

Fitness Workout
Here are my full jawline and facial workout routine, starting the exercises at 6:00

Facial Flex:
Mewing Tutorial:

Twice per week:

– Fitness Ball Workout

Once per week:

– Neck Stretching (up, down, left, right + kisses and tongue)
– Chin up stretch and contract
– Puff cheeks (right, up, down, left, suck in)
– Smile strongly + with tongue out
– Smile one side + other side
– Fishy face (suck cheeks in)
– Open mouth strongly with tongue out
– Mewing and sounds O and I
– Massage neck and neckline
– Put lips on a small “O” position, smile, use fingers to push up cheekbones
– Smile with mouth closed, pucker your lips while smiling, place fingers on the corner of your smile and press upwards
– Smile with mouth closed, use your two fingers pinched to prevent your mouth to smile
– Put 3 fingers above eyebrows, smile, try to prevent your eyebrows from lifting up with the fingers
– Open your mouth with fingers wide open
– Massage delicately your forehead and around your eyes (with pinkies)
– Push your nose tip up
– Mewing

Every day:

– Eat healthy and workout to lower your body fat
– Chew gums and chew food more times before swallowing
– Correct your posture
– Mewing (nnnh or ng sound + chin tuck, to cover your palate with the tongue + swallow without moving your cheeks, just tongue and press onto the palate + chew moving only the tongue, not the cheeks)

Full Written Version:

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