Quick Morning Workout To Get Lean, Slim and Active

Quick Fitness Workout
Today’s workout video is another one you can do at home as you aim o lose weight on a daily basis. This workout is recommended to be done every morning for that extra boost of energy before you start your day.

Good luck and have fun working out!❤️????

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00:00 Lateral Taps
00:31 High Knee Jacks
01:06 Knee Drive
01:38 Rest
02:10 Leg Kicks
02:45 Side Deep Squats
03:25 Rest
03:57 Ski Jacks
04:47 Rest
05:09 Squat Arm Lifts
05:42 Rest
06:09 Waist Pinchers Right
06:45 Waist Pinchers Left
07:22 Rest
07:49 Forward Jump
08:26 Rest
08:48 Body Rotations
09:36 Rest
10:28 Lateral Taps
10:59 High Knee Jacks
11:34 Rest
11:56 Knee Drive
12:27 Rest
12:59 Leg Kicks
13:34 Side Deep Squats
14:14 Rest
14:46 Ski Jacks
15:36 Rest
15:58 Squat Arm Lifts
16:31 Rest
16:58 Waist Pinchers Right
17:34 Waist Pinchers Left
18:11 Rest
18:38 Forward Jump
19:15 Rest
19:37 Body Rotations

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